9 Times TWICE’s Momo Shocked Fans With Her Gorgeous Hourglass Figure

She went viral in #5.

Praised for her stunning physique, TWICE’s Momo is often referred to as “body goals” by netizens. Check out 9 moments where she showed her perfect shape!

1. Years of dancing has made Momo insanely fit.

She’s got muscles and she’s proud to show them!

2. It’s hard for most people to pull off looking good in something like this…but not Momo!

She looks stunning in her concert outfit.

3. This look will make you want to channel your inner early 2000s vibe.

However, looking as good as Momo isn’t guaranteed!

4. Netizens praise her for her “apple hips.”

This means her lower body is to die for!

5. Fans quickly became obsessed with this clip of Momo, and it’s easy to see why.

Her abs will serve as workout motivation!

6. Leggings aren’t a problem for her.

In fact, this look shows off her amazing phyqisue!

7. Queen of body rolls!

She looks good and she knows it.

8. A simple outfit shows off her figure in the best way.

Momo in pinstripes in something we never knew we needed until we saw this look!

9. She’s fierce, charismatic, and has it all!

Momo is the full package from head to toe.