10+ Moments TWICE’s Momo Showed Off Her Stunning Dance Line

She killed it in #6.

TWICE‘s Momo is a dancing queen. Her passion and charisma boil over the moment she hits the stage. Check out these moments where her gorgeous dance line separated her from the rest!

1. The most mesmerizing dancer

From her hair flip to her sharp moves to her killer expression, she’s flawless.

2. Practicing “Fancy”

Every move is precise and clean.

3. Even back in the day

She kills it every day at practice.

4. You can’t stop Momo

She nails the choreography for TWICE’s latest single.

5. Popping off

She has control of every movement of her body.

6. Queen of hair flips

Now, this is fierce!

7. Making every move look easy

Her hips don’t lie.

8. Slaying with Chaeyoung

You can see the confidence written across her face.

9. Fit AF

We’re all a little jealous of Momo!

10. Practicing every move to perfection

Her expressions are too cute.

11. Modeling denim

Seriously, though.

12. A dancing goddess

We’re all blessed to watch her dance!