Here Are 9 Times TWICE’s Momo Looked So Good In Glasses, We Wish We Wore Them

Look #4 is so cute with her specs. 🤓

TWICE’s Momo can make absolutely anything look good, so it’s no surprise that she turns specs into a model accessory. Here are 9 times she left fans shook with her visuals while stunting some cute AF glasses.

1. Blue is her color…and specs are her accessory.

2. WARNING: Eye contact may be dangerous for Momo stans.

3. How does she go from chic to cute so fast?

4. A sporty queen.

5. Glasses and braids elevates her visuals to a whole new level of sweetness.

6. She said 🤓.

7. It feels like a glasses CF, but it’s just Momo walking through the airport.

8. Her plaid look checks all the boxes of “nerdy cutie pie.”

9. Her beauty is seriously effortless!