6 Random Facts About TWICE’s Dance Goddess Momo That Everyone Should Know

She refused to give up her dream.

Momo is easily known as one of the best female dancers in modern-day K-Pop. She’s captivating to watch on stage, even among TWICE who is full of talented performers!

She’s also adorable with a really entertaining personality, which just makes her even more likeable. If you aren’t a fan of her already, maybe these 6 facts will make you one!

1. Dancing runs in her family.

Momo has an older sister named Hana, who she really looked up to when she was younger and used to copy everything she did. Both of them were interested in dance since a young age, and both also attended a studio called Step Out when she lived in Osaka!

2. She dreamed about being a K-Pop idol since she was young.

Momo was a fan of K-Pop for a long time, and thanks to a dance studio she was involved with, back in 2008 she was given the chance to be in a music video starring K-Pop idol Lexy. Because of this, she was determined to become an idol afterwards!

3. Her casting for JYP Entertainment was somewhat bittersweet.

Momo was discovered along with her sister by JYP Entertainment when someone at the company came across a video of them dancing together. They were invited to audition for the company, but sadly, Momo’s sister didn’t pass the audition. So while it was a great day for Momo, it was probably pretty disappointing for Hana!

4. Her training period was insanely intense.

Momo was known as one of, if no the most, hard-working trainees to debut in TWICE. Along with learning the Korean language, she practice dancing from 9AM until 9PM every day in the studio! After that, she would also do vocal training from 10PM until 2AM in the morning, giving her a 17-hour work day, which she did for 3 and a half years. Talk about dedication!

5. She almost didn’t make it into TWICE.

Momo took part in the girl group project SIXTEEN in 2015. Despite her intensive training and hard work, she kept receiving poor reviews while on the show, and she actually ended up being eliminated. However, thankfully, she and Tzuyu were brought back at the end of the show to allow them to join TWICE, since J.Y. Park himself and other staff members at the company gave her high ratings for her diligence because she continued to train at JYP Entertainment even after she was eliminated from the show. This girl’s determination is incredible!

6. She’s a talented songwriter.

Oftentimes, especially for girl K-Pop groups, the members might not participate in a lot of the song-making process. However, Momo has helped to create some of TWICE’s songs! In fact, she helped to write the lyrics for “Love Foolish” on the group’s Feel Special album, as well as “Hot” on the Fancy You album.

Hopefully these facts helped you to appreciate this incredible performer even more!

Source: Doyouram