10+ Times TWICE’s Momo Looked Smokin’ HOT In Red That Will Make You Sweat

Outfit #3 is legendary.

Wearing the color red has been known to increase your level of attractiveness. If that’s the case, then TWICE’s Momo wearing red must be even hotter than usual. Here are 10+ times she proved it was totally her color.

1. Slaying in this beautiful dress.

2. She looks like a work of art.

3. One of Momo’s hottest looks ever!

4. Santa Baby Momo!

5. In a red crop top, she shows off her flawless abs.

6. She knows she looks good.

7. Even in just red pants, she slays.

8. An all-red suit? Yes, please!

9. Red is made for her!

10. She looks like a sporty Goddess in this track suit.

11. Even in her comfy look, Momo’s as beautiful as ever!