10+ Of TWICE Momo’s Most Flawless Looks That Will Leave You Breathless

Did your favorite Momo look make the list?

TWICE‘s Momo is undeniably gorgeous all the time, whether she’s barefaced or fully glammed up. She’s also super funny and has zero chill. There’s nothing to not like about Momo — she’s great!

Even though Momo is great all the time, here are some of her most flawless looks that left us truly breathless.

1. This “Feel Special” Look

Wow, such beauty! Momo? More like “Money”, amirite?

2. This girl-next-door look

A wholesome, jaw-dropped looker.

3. The sporty look

Arguably one of Momo’s coolest stylings, this look will make your heart go “doki doki“.

4. This ducky look

Not everyone can pull off rocking a kigurumi, but Momo looks cute and comfortable.

5. This princess look

Momo’s hairstyle is reminiscent of classic Japanese royalty, and she undeniably looks like a princess.

6. This valley girl look

Looking like she’s about to hit the mall in Southern California, Momo still looks flawless AF.

7. This cosplay look

Last Halloween, Momo dressed up as Boo from Monster’s Inc. She nailed the look and took everyone’s breath away.

8. This vintage look

Whether she’s wearing all-over floral or next to nothing, Momo makes everything look good.

9. This vampy red look

With her hime hairstyle and this sultry red outfit, Momo looks incredible.

10. Momo mouse

With this Minnie Mouse headband on, Momo is the perfect mascot for the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

11. This odango Momo look

The odango look is quintessentially Japanese and Momo pulls the look off to perfection.

12. This fresh-faced look

Makeup free and looking fresh as a newly blossomed flower on a spring morning, Momo makes the no-makeup makeup trend look good.

Frankly, Momo looks good all the time and there’s no amount of bandwidth in the world (even Korea!) that could handle all of her flawless pictures.