TWICE’s Momo Once Said She’d Like To Go To A Department Store Naked

Jeongyeon tried to talk some sense into her but…

Years ago, members of TWICE played a would-you-rather Catch-22 game, with questions such as, “If you had a first kiss with someone who has bad breath would you tell or not tell?” (Most of them voted to not tell, btw. What a bunch of nice girls!)


When the scenario “If you enter the department store naked, you can buy anything you want! was brought up, TWICE had a choice between going in… Or not. While most members chose not to go in for obvious reasons, Momo‘s answer was surprising.

Source: Mnet Official/YouTube

She was willing to go into the department store naked to get anything she wanted.

Source: Mnet Official/YouTube

Jeongyeon tried to talk some sense into her… But Momo was determined to stick with her original answer!

Source: Mnet Official/YouTube

Well, you have to give Momo credit—she knows what she’s about! 😄