TWICE’s Nayeon Has The Ability To Melt Fans’ Hearts With Every Move She Makes

This is possible because it’s Nayeon.

Now we all know TWICE‘s Nayeon‘s visuals are no joke and fans honestly just can’t get enough of her!

It’s been known that whenever she wears a headband to an event or fan meeting, she immediately becomes the center of attention!

Nayeon, no need to be shy, you look even cuter when you do that.

I mean just look at how she stares into our souls.

It’s ridiculous…

…and the top-notch headband visuals just keep on coming!

One might think, “Of course she looks good when she’s dancing, she’s an idol!”

But nope, she looks flawless even when she’s just smiling…

…even when fooling around…

…even while acting cute…

…and being dorky!

I mean honestly, this just means that she can melt hearts just by living and breathing for goodness sake!

And that’s all folks!