10+ Times TWICE’s Nayeon Had The Most Aesthetic Airport Fashion

Outfit #2 has the perfect trendy Korean fashion vibe.

TWICE’s Nayeon is often praised for her sleek style when it comes to casual fashion. Here are 10+ of her best looks she strutted at the airport.

1. Comfy Casual

A cozy denim jacket and a loose ponytail created the ultimate cool (and functional!) airport outfit.

2. Trendy Chic

The mix of the black bucket hat and military-style dress has an aesthetically pleasing color palette and is the perfect go-to outfit.

3. Graphic Tee

Tucking a simple t-shirt into some jeans with some cool sneakers is the easiest way to create an effortlessly chic look.

4. Sweet and Girly

Nayeon’s pastel sweater, circular specs, and natural hair give her an innocent look.

5. All Black

Reusing that same bucket hat, this time she paired it with some slouchy black pants and a crop top for the ultimate laidback feel.

6. Pastel Queen

Her denim belt matching her jeans is so cute, she couldn’t help but show it off by tucking in her lavender top.

7. Put Together

Throwing on a black blazer over a denim skirt will instantly give you style points.

8. Teddy Bear

A furry coat adds texture to her look which is a perfect way to mix up an outfit on those cooler days.

9. Classic In White

Tucking a white button-up shirt into a dark denim skirt creates an outfit that can go from daywear to night in an instant.

10. More Textures

This leather coat mimics a shirt and the belted middle keeps her figure in tact.

11. High Fashion

These cool flip-over jeans and baggy sweater make her waist look tiny.