Here Are TWICE Nayeon’s Top 20 Sexiest Moments For Your Viewing Pleasure

#1 will leave you shook.

TWICE’s Nayeon is usually known for her cutesy side, but did you know she can be a sexy vixen, too? To prove it to you, here are her 20 sexiest moments that will shake up your TWICE bias list and leave you wanting more (and BTW, you’re welcome).

20. Nayeon owns the stage.

19. This choreography makes fans weak.

18. Shake what your mama gave ya!

17. Her expressions are hella seductive.

16. Seriously, who knew she could be so badass?

15. She’s effortlessly hot.

14. Are you hypnotized yet?

13. A hand kiss a day keeps the doctor away.

12. Natural beauty.

11. Nayeon is just endearing to look at!

10. Goofy and hot? She’s the perfect mix.

9. Being this close to her would make any fan’s heart pound.

8. SLAY.

7. This GIF might leave you speechless (and hypnotize you).

6. She knows she looks good!


4. Can your heart handle this?

3. OMG.

2. Her body is incredible.

1. Nayeon stans, please collect your woman!