9 Phrases You Won’t Believe TWICE Actually Said To Oldest Member Nayeon

They had no mercy in #4.

The girls of TWICE love to tease their oldest member Nayeon. From being scared easily, to being just too cute, she’s kind of an easy target. Here are 9 times they tested her patience by saying and doing outrageous things.

1. “Your hair is very weird. Take it off.”



2. “I don’t like you, I like ‘Tehepero.'”


3. *Shows embarrassing picture to the world* “Isn’t it funny?”



4. “When she takes selfies, she pretends to be sexy.”




5. “She forgot to take her meds.”


6. *Scares her for literally no reason*

7. *And again*

8. “Why did you hit me?” “BECAUSE YOU’RE NEXT TO HER!”


9. *Making baby sounds as they tickle her*