ONCE Can’t Believe How Many Versions TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Album Actually Has

Here are 10 relatable reactions from fans!

TWICE Nayeon‘s highly-anticipated solo album will include 4 versions with 12 photocards in total…and ONCE are having a variety of emotions. It didn’t take long for fans to trend the phrase “4 VERSIONS” across Twitter! Check out some of the most hilarious reactions at the news below.

1. We’re excited for the content, but dealing with being broke.

Four versions is four times more pain for our wallets.

2. Let’s just give everything we have to Nayeon.

NOLO is here, so it’s time to celebrate!

3. If the versions are this beautiful, then they’ll be flying off the shelves.

There’s no color she doesn’t suit!

4. Waiting for the day this happens.

Skip my birthday present and just get me NOLO.

5. Maybe four versions aren’t enough.

Do you have more in the back? I’ll take those, too.

6. It’s not just her solo — We still have 14 versions of Celebrate coming soon.

Time to dip into those emergency TWICE funds.

7. Four versions means four concepts.

Who’s ready for 4x the Nayeon?!

8. Too much content, too little time.

TBH, we’re still recovering from tour.

9. Get your photocard binder ready.

The hunt will begin soon!

10. ONCE will become star children for their chance at NOLO.

Thanks, Mom!


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