Here Are All 6 Outfits TWICE Wore During Their Promotions For “SCIENTIST” So Far

Which ones do you like the best?

TWICE is concluding their short but fruitful promotions for “SCIENTIST” soon. Although as of November 20, 2021, they still have one last appearance on Inkigayo for November 21, they’ve already stunned ONCE with their talent and amazing fashion. Here’s a review of all 6 outfits they’ve worn so far.

1. “MTV Fresh Out Live”

Their first performance for “SCIENTIST” the girls went with the most adorable hearts theme. We’re sure as hell going to reference these fits during Valentine’s Day! We love how they mixed the red hearts with white and black. In particular, we love the “one-sided love” concepts of Nayeon and Mina’s outfits with the asymmetrical cuts.

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

2. “Music Bank”

During their first week of Music Bank, the girls wore these iconic outfits from their concept photos. We love the way they styled formal ties and white shirts with variations of suits. We applaud Mina‘s fitted pantsuit and Tzuyu‘s bustier peplum top.

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

3. “Music Core”

A variation of the suit fits from Music Bank, we love the girlier spin. Most of the members are in skirts with this one. The tulle adds a fun spin!

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

4. “Inkigayo”

These are our absolute favorites! The all pink theme stole our hearts. It’s a pity the show wasn’t aired on a Wednesday, or it would have been the perfect Mean Girls reference. The fur details are an adorable High Teen styled touch.

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

The girls look like they are the stars of a teen romcom.

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

5. “Music Bank”

We move in to the last week of promotions and the girls look even more professional than usual this week. The office look suits them so well!


6. “Music Core”

The girls put together girly and punk with a black, pink and white theme. The use of mesh and ribbons at the same time really amps up the contrast between the styles. We’re all for their hairy too, with Tzuyu’s pigtails and Dahyun‘s funky buns.

| @TWICEtagram/Instagram

We can’t wait to see how the girls go out with a bang for their last outfit of “SCIENTIST”!


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