Here Are 5+ Of TWICE Sana’s Backstage Essentials

How many of these items do you carry with you?

Have you ever wondered what the TWICE members’ backstage must-haves are?


In her TW-LOG from the III tour, Sana revealed exactly what she keeps with her while getting ready backstage.

Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are Sana’s backstage essentials!

1. Lozenges

Singers have to take proper care of their throats in order to perform, so it makes total sense that Sana always keeps lozenges with her!

2. Gum

This grape-flavored gum looks tasty!

3. More gum

You can never have too much gum!

4. Caramel

Sana’s bag is full of snacks, but she said caramels are her new favorite!

5. Pouch

Sana said she brings this adorable pouch that Chaeyoung gave her everywhere! Although it’s small enough to fit in her purse, it’s quite roomy!

6. Lip product

Although Sana didn’t show her lipstick or lip balm on camera, she said she had it in her pouch!

7. Contact lens

Sana only had one contact lens with her, and we can’t help but wonder where the other one is!

8. AirPods

Just like all of us, Sana doesn’t go anywhere without her headphones!