TWICE Has To Use A Completely Different Set During Their Atlanta Concert—Here’s Why

The members adapted so quickly!

If you attended multiple shows during TWICE‘s US III tour, you may have noticed that the set used during the Atlanta concert was  different than the set used during other concerts. In her TW-LOG from the tour, Sana explained why the group had to change the set at the last minute.

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

On February 22, TWICE performed in Fort Worth, Texas at the Dickies Arena. As always, they put on a great show.

| Victor A/YouTube

Unfortunately, the Fort Worth area was hit by a winter storm on February 23, the day after TWICE’s Fort Worth concert and the day before their Atlanta concert. The storm developed suddenly, so officials didn’t know it was approaching until February 22. Once they knew the storm was coming, officials sent out winter storm warnings and told people that travel problems were likely due to ice and sleet.

| @NWSFortWorth/Twitter

Many flights in and out of Fort Worth were canceled because of the storm, including TWICE’s flight to Atlanta.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

After their flight was cancelled, the TWICE members and their staff traveled to Austin and Houston by bus. In Houston, they finally boarded a private jet, and they were able to make it to Atlanta safely. In her TW-LOG, Sana revealed that the members arrived in Atlanta around 3 AM on February 24 after their long day of traveling. According to Sana, it took them 11 hours to get from Fort Worth to Atlanta.

| TWICE/YouTube

Thankfully, everyone made it to Atlanta safely. However, since they arrived so late, there was no time to build the staircase the members and backup dancers performed “SHOT CLOCK” on during all the other shows.

| vikugi/YouTube

Sana explained why the staircase was missing during rehearsal in Atlanta.

We’re at the venue and getting ready to rehearse with the new set. There’s supposed to be a staircase here, and we were to perform ‘SHOT CLOCK’ on the staircase. But it took us 11 hours yesterday to get here and got to the hotel around 3 or 4 AM. There was no time to build the set.

— Sana

During the Atlanta show, all the members stood in their formation on 2 raised platforms instead of on the stairs. The backup dancers performed at the bottom of the stage instead of behind the members on the higher levels of the staircase. Although the members and dancers suddenly had to adjust to performing without their staircase, they still put on an excellent show in Atlanta!

| B*tch/YouTube

You can watch Sana’s full TW-LOG below.

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