TWICE’s Sana Always Goes Out Of Her Way To Help Staff Members—Here’s Proof

No one would’ve known about #2 if it weren’t revealed.

When people talk about TWICE‘s Sana, they usually mention her breathtaking beauty, but her heart of gold and down to earth personality are just as worthy of praise!

To better illustrate why, here are three times she went out of her way to help the staff members she works with.

1. When she helped rearrange petals on the floor

For her solo scene in the “I CAN’T STOP ME” music video, Sana stepped on beautiful flower petals that were scattered on the floor.

During the break, she didn’t hesitate to kneel down even while wearing a dress to help the staff members rearrange the petals and add new ones.

While doing so, she had a warm smile on her face that put those around her at ease.

2. When she gave her hairstylist’s daughter concert tickets

Last year, Park Naeju, a popular hairstylist who works with top groups like BTS and TWICE, revealed Sana’s kind actions behind the scenes.

In a YouTube video, he shared that Sana personally called him up to ask if he received the concert tickets she gave to his daughter.

He mentioned that his daughter is a huge fan of TWICE, so Sana’s generous gift surely made her day!

3. When she cheerfully cleaned the giant wine glass

Finally, TWICE recently made a comeback with “Alcohol-Free.” Similar to the first example, Sana helped the staff members out during her solo scene.

She personally wiped the giant glass she sat on even though it wasn’t expected of her.

Afterwards, she made sure to thank the staff members for their hard work.

Beautiful inside and out—that’s Sana!

Sana | JYP Entertainment

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TWICE’s Hair Stylist Discloses The Very Kind Action That Sana Did For His Daughter

Source: TWICE, Dare U Naeju and TWICE


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