11 Moments Of TWICE’s Sana Just Being A Perfect Queen

Sana serves only top-notch talents and visuals!

TWICE’s Sana is known for being an incredible performer, and along with her talent, the reason people can’t get their eyes off of her is her top-notch visuals and charisma! Here are 11 moments of Sana just being hot AF that you will definitely want to see!

1. Sana in beige sparkles

Sana’s killing it in this outfit—and those facial expressions are to die for!

2. Beauty queen in a blue dress

She boasts such a pretty bodyline!

3. Pink-haired Sana illuminated in stage lights

She shines onstage!

4. Summer dress

Sana in this outfit is perfect for summer!

5. Black dress

Sexy Sana in an LBD, comin’ through!

6. Sana in casuals

Oh nothing, just Sana in casuals casually making fans fall to their knees with this one GIF.

7. Curly-haired Sana

Sana with curls and a pretty smile will make your day a 100 times better!

8. Pink-haired Sana appreciation

Sana in pink hair was a cultural reset!

9. “I Can’t Stop Me” era Sana

Sana was on FIRE during their last comeback!

10. Sana with a fiery gaze

Sana: “I want you to cry for me”

Us: Yes we’re crying over how perfect you are

11. Gorgeous and Talented Sana

As a dancer, Sana’s moves are so smooth, and she kills her performances while serving visuals, too!

Stan this cute and sexy queen right here!

| @twicetagram/ Instagram


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