From Lingerie To QANON: 9 Times TWICE’s Stylists Came Under Fire

#5 created a huge controversy.

Over the years, TWICE has rocked a variety of innovative and stunning outfits. However, a few choices made by stylists have been criticized for being too revealing, offensive, or have even been considered a case of plagiarism. Check out some of the outfits that landed stylists in trouble below.

1. Momo’s lingerie

TWICE’s stylists received severe backlash for dressing Momo in lingerie at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards.

Not only was the outfit not appropriate for the cold weather, it also made her visibly uncomfortable as she covered herself.

2. Chaeyoung’s QANON shirt

Chaeyoung’s stylist recently came under fire for dressing her in a QANON shirt.

The conspiracy theory and political movement has been linked to dozens of incidents over the past several years, as well as accusations of anti-semitism, racism, and homophobia.

3. Sana’s short skirt

Sana was visibly self conscious of her short skirt at the 2017 Golden Disc Awards.

In many photos, she’s continuously placing her hands in front of her body in an attempt to hold the dress in place.

4. Lingerie outfits for ‘Between 1&2’

Mina, Momo, and Jihyo’s outfits received mixed reactions from netizens when they emerged with lingerie-inspired looks.

Some believed the outfits were too revealing while others insisted that as long as the girls are comfortable, they can wear what they like.


5. Dahyun’s jeogori

JYP Entertainment issued an official apology after famous hanbok designer Kim Balko called out Dahyun and Chaeyoung‘s cover of Rain and J.Y. Park‘s “Switch To Me.”

The jacket, or jeoguri, looked similar to the jacket worn by BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo in the “How You Like That” music video that Balko had worked on.

6. Tzuyu’s explicit t-shirt

Tzuyu once wore a graphic t-shirt with the phrase “H*es takes off your clothes” on stage.

When fans pointed out the phrase, JYP Entertainment issued an apology.

7. Nayeon’s cleavage at a fansign

Nayeon appeared visibly uncomfortable during a fansign event when she was wearing a low-cut top.

She continued to use her hair, toys, and more to cover herself, causing fans to be angered by the stylist’s choice.

8. Momo’s “Moonlight Sunrise” outfit

When Momo posted a series of photos of her outfit for “Moonlight Sunrise,” netizens had mixed opinions on her low-cut top.

9. Jeongyeon’s questionable styling

Some fans believe Jeongyeon is often given unflattering outfits that are either too experimental or mature, causing her look to not match the other members on stage.