10+ Most Heart-Stopping Moments From TWICE’s New “Talk That Talk” Comeback Music Video

#7 is a show stopper!

TWICE made a long-awaited comeback with “Talk That Talk,” the title track of their mini album Between 1&2. The music video was simultaneously fun, quirky, seductive, and cool.

Check out some of the best scenes from here below!

1. When Nayeon ate a marshmallow

First up, Nayeon was effortlessly sexy.

2. When Tzuyu had a close up

Tzuyu was gorgeous in her new hairstyle.

3. When Momo winked

Momo’s wink made our hearts stop!

4. When Mina wore a suit

Mina was a total boss babe.

5. When TWICE was vintage

TWICE and the Y2K concept go perfectly together.

6. When Dahyun and Chaeyoung came out in red

You could practically hear ONCEs swoon when the rappers took the spotlight.

7. When Mina was a spy

Sexy Mina was almost too much for us.

Mina | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

She had many memorable scenes.

8. When Jihyo killed us all

The strapless dress? The bangs? The contacts? Jihyo’s out for blood!

9. Whenever Jeongyeon appeared on screen

Her outfit was made for her!

10. When Sana sang in the chorus

She was a living mannequin!

11. And when she posed with a motorcycle

She’s a visual for sure.

12. When Momo sang her part

Momo embodies the girl crush concept.

13. When the bridge started

Finally, this is TWICE as we’ve never seen them before.

Speaking of the coolest moments in the “Talk That Talk” music video, check out fan reactions to it below!

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Source: YouTube