Here’s What TWICE Thinks About Their Mysterious TDOONG High School “Secret Friend”

Who do you think the Secret Friend is? 🤔

TWICE‘s TDOONG High School is finally back!

TDOONG High School Field Trip | TWICE/YouTube

In the first season of TDOONG High School, the TWICE members acted as students and teachers at their own high school, and they’re on a field trip to another school this season.

The members learned that they’d been invited to the school for a fun Sports Day by their Secret Friend.

“The invitation said a friend invited us here.” | TWICE/YouTube

Although the person who invited TWICE might be a friend, there was lots of creepy footage of the school included in this episode of TDOONG High School, so some of the members were suspicious of their Secret Friend.

“It’s kinda weird.” | TWICE/YouTube

Without further ado, here’s what each TWICE member thought about their mysterious Secret Friend!

1. Nayeon

Nayeon thinks Jeongyeon is the Secret Friend! According to the staff, Jeongyeon went on a field trip to a different school than the rest of the TWICE members that day.

Nayeon was suspicious of Jeongyeon’s absence and theorized that Jeongyeon would reveal herself as their Secret Friend later.

2. Momo

Momo wasn’t suspicious of the Secret Friend. She revealed that she saw someone on the way into the school, but Chaeyoung said they only saw cows on their way to the school.

Overall, Momo didn’t pay much attention to the Secret Friend, and she worried about whether or not she’d win the prizes the staff prepared for Sports Day.

3. Sana

Sana wasn’t worried about the Secret Friend’s identity, and she seemed to think their Secret Friend was truly a friend.

Although she wasn’t worried about who the Secret Friend was, Sana worried that the mysterious person had prepared missions for the TWICE members to complete.

4. Jihyo

Jihyo thought that the Secret Friend was truly a friend. She was excited to hear that the mysterious person invited TWICE to their school for Sports Day.

Jihyo didn’t reveal much of what she thought about the Secret Friend, but she didn’t seem to suspect anything was amiss!

5. Mina

Mina thought the Secret Friend had good intentions.

She pointed out that the invitation didn’t have a date on it, and she said that the Secret Friend may have gotten confused and forgotten to show up to school.

6. Dahyun

Like Nayeon, Dahyun thought there was something suspicious about the Secret Friend. However, she didn’t seem to think the Secret Friend would turn out to be Jeongyeon.

“You! Who are you?” | TWICE/YouTube 

Dahyun bravely commanded the Secret Friend to reveal themselves and told them to “come to the rooftop immediately.” 

7. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung didn’t think there was anything about the Secret Friend, but she was curious about the person’s identity.

She read the invitation and pointed out that it said a friend invited them for Sports Day, but she was confused because she hadn’t spotted the person at the school.

8. Tzuyu

Tzuyu also wasn’t suspicious of the Secret Friend. She guessed that the Secret Friend might actually be a teacher at TDOONG High School.

“I think it’s from the teacher?” | TWICE/YouTube

She thanked whoever invited them for Sports Day and said she was “super excited.”  

Who do you think TWICE’s Secret Friend actually is?

Watch the full episode of TDOONG High School below to start coming up with your theories!


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