TWICE’s Tzuyu Cracks Her Members Up With Unexpected Answers In Their Quiz Show

Only Tzuyu would think of saying that 😂

TWICE‘s Tzuyu knows exactly what to say to make her members laugh!

Recently, the girls celebrated their 6th anniversary by holding a quiz show, and each question was either about a member or TWICE as a whole. Throughout the entire activity, Tzuyu kept cracking her members up with her unexpected and hilarious answers. Check them out below!

1. The meaning of Yoottomak

The girls were asked what Jeongyeon‘s nickname “Yoottomak” means. After writing their answers on a whiteboard, the answer was revealed to be “Yoo Jeongyeon again (tto) using her pretty face in an ugly way (eolgul maksseum.)

Chaeyoung laughed when she saw Tzuyu’s answer. Tzuyu simply wrote “Yoo Jeongyeon tto mak…” without completing the sentence!

2. Momo’s mantra

While everyone wrote an answer relating to food, only Tzuyu took a different approach. She thought that Momo’s mantra is “It’s not over ’til it’s over.” In actuality, however, it’s “If you work hard, you can eat delicious food.

Momo couldn’t help but praise Tzuyu’s answers, saying they’re “always the best!”

3. The song Sana danced to for her audition

Most members wrote Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Taxi,” but much to the amusement of Jihyo and Chaeyoung, Tzuyu adorably forgot the first word and only wrote “Taxi.”

4. Mina’s English name

Many members struggled to remember Mina’s English name, Tzuyu included. Jihyo glanced at what she wrote and instantly burst out laughing.

OMG, her answer is so hilarious!

— Jihyo

Tzuyu’s guess? MINA, short and simple.

In her defense, she claimed that her actual answer was MI, which is still very unique!

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