10 Of TWICE Tzuyu’s Cutest Pictures With Her Pet Dogs, Butter And Kaya

One happy family ❤️

TWICE fans may already be aware that maknae Tzuyu is the biggest lover of dogs. Of course, the dogs she loves the most are those she calls her own!

Tzuyu and her pet dogs, Butter And Kaya | @SidheSterling/Twitter

Tzuyu is the proud fur mom of Butter

| @TWICE/YouTube

…and Kaya.

| @ONCE_Chile/Twitter

Kaya is a cute ‘lil fluff ball with predominantly black fur.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

On the other hand, Butter, the child of Kaya, has light fur with the most adorable pointed ears.

| @SidheSterling/Twitter

The “SCIENTIST” singer very evidently adores her fur babies, constantly showering them with love when they make a rare appearance on live broadcast.

| Naver Live

Butter and Kaya even get along with the dogs of fellow TWICE member Momo!

| @twicetagram/Instagram

When Tzuyu takes selfies with her dogs, she looks more joyful than ever. It’s understandable—she once described how they always make her feel “healed” even if she sees them every day.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

Tzuyu loves Butter and Kaya unconditionally, but it’s apparent in their eyes and actions that they feel the same way about her!

| Naver Live

Together, they are one of the cutest families that have ever graced this earth.

| @TZUGLOBAL/Twitter


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