TWICE’s Tzuyu Sent A Picture Of Her Dog’s Poop To Their Group Chat, Here’s Why

She’s hilarious 😂

TWICE‘s Tzuyu cracked her members up when she sent a picture of her dog’s poop to their group chat!

Dahyun revealed the hilarious incident during a recent interview with Buzzfeed. For one of the questions, they were asked to name a member who is most likely to make them laugh at random times.

Who’s most likely to make you laugh at any given time?

— Buzzfeed

Although Nayeon was picked by many of her members, she personally chose maknae Tzuyu. “In terms of making one laugh anytime, Tzuyu naturally makes me want to laugh!

Dahyun agreed and shared how Tzuyu excitedly told their group chat that her dog Butter is “sweet” for having heart-shaped poop.

Tzuyu takes care of her two dogs, Butter and Kaya. Butter had pooped one day, and it was in the shape  of a heart. So seeing that, she said, ‘Butter, you’re so sweet!‘ That he had pooped that heart shape for her.

— Dahyun

Dahyun called Tzuyu “so cute,” while Jeongyeon found her funny for being so proud of Butter. “She proudly shared it with us in the group chat.

Nayeon, on the other hand, thought it wasn’t just Butter who was sweet but also Tzuyu! “It was too sweet.

To better describe what happened, Dahyun reenacted the incident for everyone to see. “You are too sweet, Butter, with your heart shaped poo!

Hear more hilarious stories about TWICE in the full video below!

Source: BuzzFeedVideo


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