10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Gave Off Major Disney Princess Vibes

Her personality is as sweet as a princess too!

With her stunning visuals and kind-hearted personality, TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a princess all on her own! While she is a princess in her own way, she has also often resembled various Disney princesses!

From her hair to her outfit, Tzuyu was literally a real-life version of these 12 Disney princesses below:

1. Cinderella

Just like Cinderella, Tzuyu is kind, caring, and compassionate!


2. Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)

Tzuyu is a lot like Aurora as both are definitively sleeping beauties! They are also both angelic, poised, and graceful.





3. Belle

Both Tzuyu and Belle are intelligent, confident, and bold! Also, they both look amazing in the color yellow!

4. Meredith

Meredith and Tzuyu are both incredible at archery! If you saw Tzuyu during The Idol Star Athletics Championships then you’re well aware of how talented Tzuyu is!

5. Mulan

Of course, Mulan is also an excellent archer as well!

6. Snow White

Affectionate, multi-talented, and dreamy, Tzuyu and Snow White are a perfect match!

7. Tiana

Much like Tiana, Tzuyu is also hard-working, gorgeous, and driven! They also both have incredible vocals!

8. Ariel

With her red flowing hair and endless charm, it’s hard not to see Tzuyu as a real-life Ariel!


9. Moana

This look definitely gave off Moana vibes!

10. Jasmine

This sultry look instantly brought my mind to Jasmine’s iconic red look! They’re both intelligent and fearless beauties!

11. Elsa

They’re both glistening in these sparkly outfits!


12. Anna

Anna’s braids are her signature look and Tzuyu can definitely pull them off perfectly.