10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Made Our Jaws Drop With Her Gorgeous Visuals In Fan-Taken “III” Concert Photos

We’d love to be there for #5.

TWICE recently performed in front fans during their III concert tour in the United States. ONCEs in Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and New York were lucky enough to see their gorgeous visuals in real life.

Tzuyu in particular had many viral moments befitting of her status as the group’s visual. Check out some of her best fan taken photos and videos below!

1. In Pink

First up, Tzuyu is called one of the top visuals in the industry for a reason.

TWICE’s Tzuyu

2. In a vest

Who knew a tie and vest could look so good on someone?

3. While doing a cute pose

She’s the definition of adorable!

4. In a close-up shot

She’s even prettier up close.

5. While waving to fans

Imagine being at the receiving end of her smile?

6. While holding the mic

It’s a magical moment just to see her live.

| @blindfoldhero/Twitter

7. During “KNOCK KNOCK”

Her smile was genuine and heart-stopping.

8. With her long legs

Her proportions are insane!

9. While walking across the stage

Even this casual walk makes us want to see her as a runway model.

| @nahyotzu/Twitter

10. While standing

She stands out even while just standing still.

| @XoXoTzuYu/Twitter 

11. While dancing

And finally, Tzuyu’s beauty lit up the room during the entire concert.

| @JayNic3/Twitter

One thing’s for sure, Tzuyu is gorgeous online and in person!