4 Times TWICE Unnies “Spilled The Tea” On Their Maknae, Tzuyu

Tzuyu once nearly got in trouble because of her sleeping habit!

While the TWICE unnies love Tzuyu dearly, they also often “spill the tea” on their maknae!

TWICE’s Nayeon
TWICE’s Tzuyu

Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Tzuyu nearly getting in trouble because of her sleeping habit

Tzuyu has a habit of rolling her eyes when she sleeps, and it once nearly got her in trouble. In an episode of Radio Star, Jihyo shared that they were in their waiting room at a music show, and a staff member came to tell them that they were going to be performing soon.

Tzuyu was asleep with her eyes rolled back. The staff member thought she was awake and asked her, “Why aren’t you greeting me when you saw me?” The members then had to clarify that Tzuyu was sleeping!

2. Tzuyu excitedly dancing to OH MY GIRL’s music

In a recent interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Jeongyeon shared that Tzuyu is a big fan of OH MY GIRL and listens to their music a lot.

Jeongyeon added that Tzuyu often dances and sings to OH MY GIRL’s music. One time, Tzuyu was excitedly dancing to OH MY GIRL’s music, and she made the members laugh because her tall height made her look “weird and funny.”

3. Tzuyu’s tears 

When TWICE guested on While Mom’s Asleep, they were asked which member has the most tears, and Tzuyu received the most votes!

| 피키픽처스 Piki Pictures/YouTube

The unnies then heartwarmingly told Tzuyu that it was okay since she’s the maknae and that she could cry however much she wants!

| 피키픽처스 Piki Pictures/YouTube

Heres’ the full video below!

4. The kind of person Tzuyu is

During Mina, Dahyun, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon’s appearance on SBS PowerFM’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, they were asked what kind of person Tzuyu is. Jeongyeon shared that Tzuyu is very pure and neat!

Dahyun added that Tzuyu is “unexpectedly quite funny.”

The members concluded by sharing that Tzuyu loves dogs and is currently raising two.