4 Times TWICE Absolutely Slayed In Their Outfits For Their “I Can’t Stop Me” Stages

These fits can’t be stopped

TWICE, the 9 member girl group from JYP Entertainment has just made their long awaited comeback and they are killing it across the charts. To go along with their hit single “I Can’t Stop Me” are their amazing stage outfits. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Vibrant Red

For a Show Music Core recording, the girls donned an all red theme and holy smokes does it look amazing. The vibrant red color paired with berets, stockings, and other focal accessories really make each of the girls pop in their own ways.

We love the retro twist to an otherwise intense color. They break the color apart by adding white accents such as their shirts or socks. The shoulder pads and chunky silver belts also add an incredible touch to an already incredible ensemble of clothes.

2. Classic Tweed

We are seriously living for this tweed look! The girls wore a medley of black and white tweed during a recording for M Countdown and they literally could not look better even if they tried. The classic tweed in neutral colors look incredible and the girls just exude elegance.

We love the combination of shorts, skirts and pants that make the 8 girls look cohesive but different enough to stand out on stage. Don’t forget about the hair accessories that seem to be a focal point of these particular stage outfits. They look ridiculously rich and put together.

3. Retro Grey Menswear

This look is everything! The retro spin on menswear is to die for. The girls gave the otherwise masculine look a feminine twist with this newsboy suit look. We are head over heels with the way they styled these outfits.

With the collective grey color, the girls were each coordinated in similar yet different outfits. Some members are wearing vests and some are wearing padded blazer jackets but the conclusion is that they all look fantastic.

4. Funky Yellow

| Star Daily News

This is another vibrant take on their retro concept but this time in the color yellow. Yellow is a hard color to incorporate and we don’t see it often on K-Pop stages. If done incorrectly, it can look tacky but these girls nailed it. With the different hues of yellow, they manage to look like one cohesive group.

The plaid, the skirts, the jackets are all too good for words to describe. Seriously who is their stylist because they deserve a raise after these promotions! The girls came to slay and they definitely achieved that.


Which one of these looks was your favorite?

Source: Naver