TWICE’s Chaeyoung Reveals 14 Secrets Of Her Personality, From Her Self-Worth To Her Heavy Emotions

“You think you’re better than other people? Agreed!” – Chaeyoung

As part of TWICE’s new series on TWICE TV, Chaeyoung recently took the MBTI personality test. Her result was INFP, also known as the “Mediator” type, but the most interesting part was how many personality secrets she revealed during the clip. Even the most dedicated ONCEs may not have known some of these 14 traits!

1. She thinks she’s better than other people

When asked if she thinks she’s better than other people, Chaeyoung agreed with a laugh. And who could blame her—she has so many talents and positive traits!

2. She can’t stand unread notifications

Chaeyoung is not one of those people with a “1,000 unread messages” bubble on her email app. She says she’s a tidy person who tries to read everything.

3. She’s spontaneous to avoid disappointment

Chaeyoung said she doesn’t set up a schedule when she goes on a trip. She doesn’t even like going to tourist hotspots like museums. Instead, she likes to wonder around with no plans, following her feelings. Chaeyoung says if you plan your vacation, you might get disappointed if things don’t go your way.

4. She thinks about her effect on others

When asked if she worries about what repercussions her actions may have on others, Chaeyoung said she always worries about how she might effect someone.

5. She likes to think about unrealistic things

A true creative, Chaeyoung said she spends a lot of time thinking about unrealistic things. After all, that’s how she comes up with good ideas. Chaeyoung said her thoughts range from “What if I was a mermaid?” to the existence and purpose of man.

6. She loves the arts

From books to movies, Chaeyoung said she’s definitely interested in the arts and how people understand them. She loves everything from Wallace & Gromit to Little Women to Timothée Chalamet.

7. She’s a pacifist

People with Chaeyoung’s personality type are true idealists who look for good in even the worst of things and try to make everything better. Chaeyoung agreed with the verdict, saying she’s a pacifist.

8. She cares more about morals than consequences

Instead of living her life by rewards and punishments. Chaeyoung agreed that she’s guided by principles like honor, beauty, morality, and virtue. She does what she likes, even if it’s not rewarding.

9. She’s good at reading the room

You won’t have to worry about awkward encounters if you talk to Chaeyoung, because she says she’s good at reading atmospheres.

10. Her personality changes with the seasons

Chaeyoung admitted that her mood is completely different across summer, spring, fall, and winter.

11. She gets very emotionally involved

Chaeyoung says her heavy emotional involvement in situations would probably make people annoyed if they stayed with her the whole day.

12. She’s a perfectionist

Chaeyoung said she has to make anything that’s assigned to her perfect.

13. She likes to self-reflect

Chaeyoung revealed she looks back on herself often, especially while writing lyrics for TWICE.

14. She doesn’t care about trends

For Chaeyoung, her personal style will always be more important to her than what’s trending right now.

Watch Chaeyoung’s full MBTI test here: