TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals Her First Impression Of The TWICE Members…And Reveals A Regretful Story About Tzuyu

Dahyun was also once banned from the company.

TWICE has been a group for nearly 5 years now, and the members have shown their close bond on many occasions.

On a live broadcast, Jeongyeon decided to reveal some of her impressions of the other TWICE members.

1. Nayeon

Jeongyeon remembers that she thought Nayeon was a pretty person when she first saw her. Nayeon’s personality also changed throughout the years, as she wasn’t always the funny goofball she is today.

2. Sana & Momo

Sana and Momo came to JYP Entertainment around the same time, but Jeongyeon was in a debut team during the time, so she doesn’t vividly remember her first impressions of them. Jeongyeon just remembers that the two were extremely cute.

3. Jihyo

Jihyo was already a trainee when Jeongyeon first came to JYP Entertainment, so Jeongyeon introduced herself to Jihyo. The two decided to get close once they found out they were the same age. Jeongyeon also became extremely dedicated to training during that time.

Jeongyeon became so dedicated that it shocked Jihyo.

4. Mina

Mina was only a trainee for a short time before her debut with TWICE, so Jeongyeon doesn’t have much memory of her. Jeongyeon does remember being amazed by Mina’s Korean.

5. Dahyun

Jeongyeon’s first impression of Dahyun was a cute one, as she remembers how plump Dahyun used to be.

Dahyun was once even banned from the company due to her weight.

6. Chaeyoung

Jeongyeon just remembers how cute Chaeyoung was when she first saw her.

7. Tzuyu

Jeongyeon remembers that Tzuyu was always a quiet person, even when they were trainees.

Jeongyeon also remembers a regretful story when Tzuyu first came to Korea. JYP Entertainment used to share 2 buildings, as one of them was meant for their trainees.

There was construction going on in the trainee building, so the trainees had to go to the other building to train. There was a sign directing the trainees to go to the other building, but Tzuyu couldn’t read Korean at the time. The other trainees also forgot to tell her about the notice.

Tzuyu ended up going inside the trainee building alone.

Jeongyeon now shows some regret, as she wishes that she thought of Tzuyu more at that time.

Here is the full video below!