TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals 15 Secrets Of Her Personality, From Her Privacy To Her Texting Habits

Even the most dedicated ONCEs never knew all this.

This week, Nayeon became the penultimate member of TWICE to take the MBTI personality test for TWICE TV. She half-expected her result to be different from the last time she took the test, but it actually came out exactly the same: ISTP-A, the “Virtuoso” type.

But the really interesting part was how many personality secrets she revealed while taking the test. Even the most dedicated ONCEs didn’t know this much about her!

1. She has to keep her private and public lives separate

Like most idols, Nayeon values her privacy. When it comes to private and public affairs, Nayeon says she definitely sets them apart. Valuing privacy highly is very typical for people with the ISTP personality type.

2. She never texts first

If someone wants to have a conversation with Nayeon, they need to be the one to start it. Nayeon never sends the first text—even when it comes to “Happy birthday” or “Merry Christmas”.

3. She never reads her emails these days

Nayeon says that in the past, she couldn’t leave a single email notification unread. These days, however, she never reads emails—to the point that she has months-old messages sitting unread in her inbox.

4. She’s spontaneous

Nayeon isn’t one for package tours or travel plans. She prefers to travel spontaneously, sometimes leaving it down to the last day to decide to take a trip.

5. People’s feelings don’t distract her from the truth

In a debate or argument, Nayeon says she definitely prioritizes the truth of the matter more than the emotional reactions of the person she’s debating with.

6. She prefers to give advice over passive support

When asked whether she’d give a depressed friend emotional support or suggest solutions to them, Nayeon said she tends to console them with advice. She prompts them with suggestions like, “Won’t you feel better if you try it this way?”.

7. She’s realistic when she sets expectations for herself

Nayeon says that when she makes herself a schedule, she doesn’t overshoot her capacity for that day. That helps her to follow the schedule better, which makes her feel more satisfied.

8. She loves researching art interpretations

With movies in particular, Nayeon says she loves to search up interpretations after watching them. Hidden meanings and foreshadowing interest her a lot, and she says they’re fun to look up.

9. She’s terrible at handiwork

If you need help building your IKEA furniture, don’t turn to Nayeon. While people with her personality type are often mechanics and engineers, Nayeon says she’s terrible at using machines and assembling things. In fact, she doesn’t enjoy handiwork at all.

10. She’s unpredictable

People close to “Virtuoso” types often have a hard time figuring them out, and Nayeon says that’s definitely true in her case. Even her best friends can’t predict her actions.

11. She’s both quiet and sociable

Nayeon says she’s sociable when it’s fun, but she also has a quiet and introverted side.

12. She’s open minded

When asked if she’s stubborn, Nayeon says she doesn’t think so, considering herself to be more open-minded.

13. She’s open about her feelings

People with Nayeon’s personality type are often blunt and repressive, but Nayeon says she expresses her emotions a lot.

14. She’s good at reading the room

Nayeon says she thinks she’s good at grasping situations. She also considers herself quick-witted, which means she’s unlikely to put her foot in her mouth when it comes to social situations.

15. She values results over effort

To Nayeon, the most important thing when working isn’t the journey—it’s the end point. When she was in middle school, she used to write book reports without reading the whole book, and she still won awards!

Watch the full video for yourself here!