15+ Funny AF Reactions To V Charming A BTS Fan’s Jealous Husband

He’s stealing everybody’s hearts, including their husbands’.

Want to hear a secret? Some ARMYs might trade their husbands in for BTS, if that was an option. Want to hear another secret? You’re not supposed to tell them that!

On May 6, one bold fan jokingly confessed to loving V more than her husband, right in front of said husband. V’s playful “husband-nim” response has ARMYs laughing out loud…and maybe feeling a bit jealous themselves? Here are 15+ of their funniest reactions so far!

1. “I love a confident man”

2. When your plan backfires

3. The difference between Jimin and V’s reactions

4. Reading between the lines like:

5. Your 2020 birthday wish?

6. Breaking news:

7. The ultimate rejection

8. It was at this moment that she knew she f**ked up


10. This isn’t a “shut down”, it’s a throw down!

11. He has all the important skills

12. Reason #1234456 why V shouldn’t be allowed to get bored

13. “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded—” “I WOULD DIE FOR HIM.”

14. The real reason why ARMY needs health insurance

15. Hmm…

16. It’s V heart. The rest of us just live there.