Here’s How BTS’s V Just Responded To An ARMY’s Jealous Husband

His reply might have made the husband more jealous!

Meet the toughest third wheels on the planet: ARMY’s spouses.

If you’re married, dating, or crushing on a BTS fan, you know the struggle. It’s the “I love you, but if you ask me to choose, I will definitely leave you for OT7” struggle.

The “Shh! My bias is speaking” struggle.

The “I think you’re the 8th hottest man in the world” struggle.

The “I married you because I can’t marry BTS” struggle.

Many spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends are cool with their beloved’s love for BTS, but some can’t help feeling a little jealous…especially when they straight up tell you you’re #2 in their heart!

On May 6, a fan left this post on Weverse“Our Taehyungie, I love you more than I love my husband~ My husband is jealous beside me.” Ouch!

V respectfully wrote back “husband-nim” with a smirking emoji, a blushing kiss emoji, and a blushing smiling face. This response probably made the husband even more jealous…but maybe it won him over?

After all, V’s charms are hard to resist!

Check out how fans are reacting to all this:

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