These Two Male Idols Are So Good-Looking, They Could Be The Male Lead In A Netflix Series

Please let this happen. 🙏

These two male idols have extraordinarily handsome visuals to the point where fans are demanding they star in their own Netflix series. If that wasn’t enough, fans have already gone above and beyond to create Netflix series posters starring each of the two boys. Check out the idols below who have the power to make girls everywhere swoon with just one look!

1. Huening Kai (TXT)

Huening Kai’s boyish good looks and charismatic expressions make him Netflix male lead material.


Many pictures of him could already pass as Netflix series posters.

However, that didn’t stop fans from creating their own!

| @urstrulykai/Twitter

| @urstrulykai/Twitter

| @_rafaellafern/Twitter

| @hueningkey/Twitter

His refreshingly cute vibe and soft charisma make fans wish we could see him star in his own series one day.


2. Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Vernon’s stunning visuals and mature edge make him easy to imagine in his own series, as well.


The realistic posters created by fans below will leave you wishing it would happen already!

| @iamamumal/Twitter

| @iamamumal/Twitter

| @iamamumal/Twitter

| @iamamumal/Twitter

There’s no denying that everyone would fall for him if he landed his own series.


Source: Instiz