TXT’s Hueningkai Is Grateful To Each Of His Members For Different Things, And They’re Absolutely Precious

TXT’s friendship is the best!

TXT‘s Hueningkai recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he talked about everything from the group’s latest comeback to his relationship with his members. On the latter, he couldn’t help but praise each one for different things.

Check them out below!

1. Yeonjun

First up, the Weverse Magazine journalist brought up the time Hueningkai faced troubles while making his gingerbread houses on Episode 63 of TO DO X TXT.

I can still see in my mind the four of them all making incredibly nice houses, while the instant I touched mine, it all came crumbling down, so I was like, ‘What should I do?’

— Hueningkai

When this happened, Yeonjun comforted him with his actions, making a car out of marshmallows for the younger member.

Yeonjun was sitting right next to me, and he suggested we try it another way, and then made that car for me. I’m so thankful for Yeonjun.

— Hueningkai

In Hueningkai’s own words, Yeonjun is “always helping [him] out.”

| @TXT_members/Twitter 

2. Taehyun

Meanwhile, Hueningkai was full of praise for his roommate, Taehyun. He said, “The other members help me all the time, too. Taehyun is my roommate and gives me an answer to anything I’m curious about.”

Besides this, Taehyun is like a teacher who helps Hueningkai to speak better.

I also learned a lot about how to speak better from him—maybe because we did the radio show Youth Communication Project: Listen together.

— Hueningkai

3. Beomgyu

As for Beomgyu, he was a reliable tour guide when the TXT maknae visited his hometown: “Beomgyu did so much for me in Daegu, too.”

4. Soobin

Finally, Soobin has been Hueningkai’s beloved leader since pre-debut. He guided him before, during, and after practice.

 Soobin’s been there for me since we were trainees.

— Hueningkai

| @TXT_members/Twitter

As Hueningkai’s words prove, when it comes to friendship, TXT is genuinely close!

Source: Weverse Magazine


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