TXT Fights Over The Position Of “Main Visual”—Which Of Their Arguments Is Most Convincing?

They all consider themselves to be the most handsome.

TXT recently made a comeback with their title track “Chasing That Feeling.” As part of their promotions, members Soobin, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai made an appearance on the YouTube show TheKStarNextDoor.

From left to right: MC Jonathan with TXT’s Soobin, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai

They touched on several different topics during this interview. One of the most active discussions was when they were asked to name the group’s main visual, and they all presented different arguments.

Decide for yourself which is the most convincing below!

1. Soobin

First up, Soobin shyly stated that he considers himself one of the most handsome men in the entire South Korea. He mentioned actors Won Bin and Hyun Bin—known for being representatives of good looking men in the country—and slotted himself into the same category.

I’m embarrassed to say this, but there are top three hot guys in Korea: Won Bin, Hyun Bin and Soobin.

— Soobin

The “Bin” family definitely has good genes!

Won Bin (Left), Soobin (Center), and Hyun Bin (Right)

2. Hueningkai

Hueningkai disregarded Soobin’s claim to be the most handsome. His argument focused on his screen time as a member of TXT, pointing out that he’s at the center of many of their title track choruses.

I always sing the chorus. There’s probably a reason I get the chorus.

— Hueningkai

Beomgyu countered that he is assigned this not because of his visuals, but his singing abilities. The maknae denied this profusely.

Beomgyu: Because he can sing a high note.

Hueningkai: Not just that. I’m also good-looking so they show me in the chorus.

3. Beomgyu

Finally, Beomgyu had the perfect counter for Hueningkai’s argument. The former stated casually that for the “Chasing That Feeling” comeback, he is the one in charge of singing the chorus. Therefore, by Hueningkai’s logic, Beomgyu is the most good looking.

I sing the chorus in this title song.

— Beomgyu

Besides the chorus, Beomgyu is also the member who opens up the song. He mentioned earlier in the show that he is the “master of introductions” because of his charisma.

Check out the full video below to learn more about TXT!

Source: YouTybe