10 Of TXT Soobin & OH MY GIRL Arin’s Most Iconic Matching Outfits As “Music Bank” MCs

Which outfits were your favorites?

With TXT Soobin and OH MY GIRL Arin‘s last broadcast as Music Bank MCs already behind us, we can’t help but think back at all the iconic looks they gave us over the past year. Here are just 10 of their most unforgettable matching outfits from the show.

1. July 31, 2020

Soobin and Arin flew straight into our hearts with these dignified pilot outfits—and that navy tone complemented Soobin’s hair perfectly.

OH MY GIRL’s Arin and TXT’s Soobin | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

2. August 14, 2020

The perfect finishing touches on these baseball player outfits were the patches designed with TXT and OH MY GIRL’s logos.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

3. September 11, 2020

Soobin and Arin donned the outfits of their fellow KBS employees with these precious office worker suits.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

4. September 25, 2020

Last Chuseok, MC Akong looked like actors straight from a historical drama in their hanbok looks.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

5. October 16, 2020

These leather jackets should’ve been edgy, but Soobin and Arin couldn’t help but look adorable in them.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

6. October 30, 2020

The MCs greeted us for Halloween with the cutest Alice in Wonderland costumes—Arin as Alice herself, and Soobin as the rabbit.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

7. November 14, 2020

We always knew Soobin and Arin were practically royalty, but the way they wore these regal outfits perfectly proves it.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

8. January 22, 2021

These detective costumes left us investigating the curious case of how Soobin and Arin managed to win our hearts from day one.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

9. April 23, 2021

“Yee haw” vibes were all around when MC Akong donned matching western-style outfits, complete with denim and cowboy hats.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

10. August 13, 2021

Right up until their last few weeks on the show, Soobin and Arin just couldn’t stop looking perfect in their matching outfits—including these cute overalls.

| @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and former IZ*ONE‘s Jang Wonyoung are set to take over the role beginning next week, and we can’t wait to see how amazingly they’ll do. Until then, Soobin and Arin’s “twin” looks are just one of the amazing things we’ll miss about them as Music Bank MCs; here are four more.

5 Things We’ll Miss About “Music Bank” MC Pair TXT’s Soobin & OH MY GIRL’s Arin