10+ Reactions To TXT’s New “Sugar Rush Ride” Comeback Music Video That Are Just Way Too Relatable

We can’t stop replaying #7.

TXT is finally back! They released their fifth mini album The Name Chapter: Temptation with its title track “Sugar Rush Ride” on January 27 to rave reviews.


Check out some of the most relatable reactions of MOAs below!

1. When Soobin was breathtaking

2. And when MOAs noticed his abs

3. When Yeonjun owned this concept

4. And when he ate and left no crumbs

5. When Taehyun suddenly became everyone’s childhood crush

6. When Hueningkai was the center of this smooth move

7.When Beomgyu’s “Gimme” part made us hit the replay button

8. And when he was temptation itself

9. When Hueningkai caused our demise in just 10 seconds

10. When our feelings were so strong, we had to lie

11. When Yeonjun’s vocals were heavenly

12. When Taehyun’s voice brought us to another dimension

13. When we got addicted right away

14. When Taehyun’s solo shots were too memorable

15. And when the entire music video was dreamy

Check out the full video below if you haven’t yet!

Source: YouTube


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