TXT’s Taehyun Says Yeonjun’s Dancing Is Flawless, So Here Are 8 Moments That Prove He’s Totally Right

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TXT‘s Yeonjun is such an incredible dancer that fellow TXT member Taehyun believes his dancing is absolutely flawless!

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TXT recently did a fill-in-the-blank interview with 1st Look. During the interview, Taehyun was asked, “What is the title of Yeonjun’s fatal dance piece?” 

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Taehyun correctly guessed that the answer was “Watermelon Sugar,” and he couldn’t help adding in that “the best thing about his dance is that it is flawless.” 

Here are 8 moments where Yeonjun’s dancing totally proved Taehyun’s point!

1. His sharp moves have been wowing MOAs since debut

Yeonjun is known for his perfectly sharp dance moves, and his dance lines have been super clean ever since TXT debuted with “Crown!”

2. This move from “New Rules”

This move is much harder than Yeonjun makes it look! His exceptional body control is on full display here as he swivels his hips and balances sharp arm movements with flowier ones.

3. He shines with cute concepts

Yeonjun’s great facial expressions make his flawless dancing even more exciting to watch. He excels at matching his expressions to songs with cute concepts like “Cat & Dog.”

4. He shines with sexy concepts, too

Yeonjun’s great at matching his facial expressions to sexy concepts, too! During his performances of “Watermelon Sugar” and “Blow” for Studio Choom, Yeonjun’s sexy side was on full display. Fatal dance piece indeed!

5. The “Blue Hour” dance break

This dance break is iconic! During every performance of “Blue Hour,” Yeonjun showed off his exceptional dance moves. He managed to make moving from flowy to sharp movements look effortless, and his isolations were totally on point.

6. TXT’s cover of SHINee’s “Replay”

Yeonjun danced SHINee Taemin‘s “Replay” dance break during TXT’s cover of this song, and he totally nailed it! His sharp moves and facial expressions fit the vibe of the song and made this cover truly one to remember.

7. His fierce moves while performing “Puma”

Yeonjun’s dancing is always powerful and sharp, but he really shined while performing “Puma!” His intense facial expressions fit the mood of the song, and he managed to make each and every move look like the killing part of the choreography.

8. The emotions he poured into every “LO$ER=LO♡ER” performance

When Yeonjun dances, he puts everything he has into every move! While performing “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” he perfectly expressed all of the emotions included in this powerful song. From heartbroken, to angsty, and everything in between, MOAs could clearly see the song expressed in Yeonjun’s every move and every facial expression.