TXT’s Soobin And Taehyun Answer The Same Question In Totally Different Ways, And Their Answers Show Their Personalities

We 100% agree with both answers!

TXT‘s Soobin and Taehyun answered the same question, and their answers were not only totally different but also revealed a little of their personalities.

TXT’s Soobin (left) and Taehyun (right) | @txtlife/Twitter

In a new Fill in the Blank interview with 1st Look, Soobin and Taehyun were both asked, “Why do the stars twinkle and shine?” 

| 1stLook/YouTube

While answering, Soobin reminisced on reading a comic book as a child. He said, “I read from a comic book that stars shine to guide the people who are lost. I was really young then, but I was really impressed, so my answer to the question is ‘to guide someone who is lost.'”

Taehyun’s answer was more scientific and less sentimental than Soobin’s. He answered, “Stars shine ‘due to nuclear fusion,’ but it sounds very insensitive.” 

To make his answer sound a bit more poetic, Taehyun chose “stars shine because ‘the universe is dark'” as his final answer.

Both Soobin and Taehyun’s answers are totally in line with their personalities!

| @taebincafe/Twitter

During the interview, Soobin was also asked if he was more of a “liberal arts or natural sciences guy.” He chose liberal arts, which is totally in line with his sentimental answer to the question about why stars shine.

Soobin’s MBTI type is ISFP, which also explains why he chose to base his answer on sentimentality rather than science.

| @sookailoops/Twitter

When Soobin was asked what Taehyun’s secret charm is, he said that one of Taehyun’s charms is that he’s a “bit blunt.” 

Taehyun’s blunt answer to the question about why stars shine is totally in line with Soobin’s statement!

| @taehyunmedia/Twitter

Taehyun is an ESTP, and this MBTI type is known for being very realistic, which may also explain why Taehyun’s answer was so scientific.

See Soobin and Taehyun’s answers and the rest of the interview below!