Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s Taehyun, So Far

This is what we’ve learned about this mysterious member…so far.

BigHit Entertainment has revealed the fourth member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), and fans can’t wait to learn more about him. Not much is known about Taehyun, but here’s what we’ve discovered so far.


1. He is the fourth member to be revealed

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The Fourth Member Of New Boy Group TXT

After a 72-hour countdown, the world was finally introduced to the latest member of TXT.

Like YeonjunSoobin, and HueningKai, Taehyun has his own teaser that reveals a little bit more about his personality.


2. His age

Taehyun is a 02 liner, just like HueningKai. He is 16 years old.


3. He’s an English speaker

This predebut video shows that Taehyun learned English as a child. If his skills were already this good at such a young age, he may be entirely fluent by now.


4. He entered the entertainment industry at a young age

According to Korean netizens, Taehyung was in one or more local advertisements as a child.

His English speaking skills may have been one of the talents he used for these jobs.


5. His position

BigHit Entertainment has yet to confirm Taehyun’s position, but netizens believe that he may be a part of TXT’s rap line.


6. His predebut photos

Several predebut photos of Taehyun have surfaced, including school photos…

…like this one…

…and this one.

Netizens also found his yearbook photo…

…and this adorable childhood snap.


7. He’s adventurous

Taehyun’s teaser shows him being excited by city sights and sounds as he travels around by bus.


8. His visuals are no joke

Need proof? Just check out this panoramic shot. How can someone look this flawless from all sides? TXT truly is turning out to be a team of visuals!


9. He may have given us more hints about TXT’s narrative…

…through this dream-like, galaxy phone case…

…and this mobile game.


10. Fans support him 100%!

Taehyun has just entered the public eye, but fans are already receiving him with love. Many have sent out messages of support using the hashtag #WELCOME_TXT_TAEHYUN.