Mwave Has Revealed The True Meaning Of “TXT”, And Fans 100% Agree

Mwave has offered a new meaning for “TXT” that couldn’t be more accurate.

The name of BigHit Entertainment‘s new boy group TXT stands for “TOMORROW X TOGETHER“, but it also has another meaning that is just as accurate.

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The First Member Of New Boy Group TXT


On January 16, Mnet‘s Mwave tweeted out this new TXT definition that sums up the group just perfectly. TXT = Team Of Visuals.


Okay, so “Team Of Visuals” doesn’t quite fit with the acronym, but fans totally agree with the sentiment.


How can BigHit Entertainment choose an official “visual” when TXT has face geniuses like Yeonjun




…and HueningKai?


Already, these handsome rookie idols are winning fans’ hearts…


….and stressing them out!


Just when fans think they’ve chosen a potential TXT bias…


…BigHit Entertainment reveals another member…


…who is just as attractive as the last one!


If the rest of the TXT end up being as gorgeous as the first three members…


….fans should prepare for an unending battle between their TXT bias…


…and bias wreckers!


For more on TXT’s gorgeous lineup, check out all the reasons to stan this rumored member.

TXT’s Next Rumored Member, Choi Beomkyu, Is A Triple Threat


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