TXT’s Next Rumored Member, Choi Beomgyu, Is A Triple Threat

Rumored TXT member Choi Beomkyu has that “it” factor, and more that could make him a top idol.

The first three TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) members have been revealed, and now the TXT site clock is counting down to the fourth, who will be unveiled in less than 24 hours.

BigHit Entertainment Unveils HueningKai, The Third Member Of New Boy Group TXT


Korean netizens have been hard at work gathering info on the rumored line up, and so far their guesses have been right on the money. As predicted, Yeonjun was the first TXT member revealed, followed by…

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The First Member Of New Boy Group TXT



BigHit Entertainment Unveils The Second Member Of New Boy Group TXT


…and HueningKai.

Here’s Everything We Know About TXT’s HueningKai, So Far


The next rumored member in sequence is Choi Beomgyu, a ’01 liner, who is already gaining popularity with fans.


According to K-nets’ research, he has all of the qualities a top idol needs. He is rumored to be part of TXT’s vocal line…


…and dance line.


Not to mention, he’s incredibly handsome!


No predebut footage of him has emerged yet, but his charisma and star quality come through, even in photos. It’s easy to imagine him performing on stage as part of TXT!


So far netizens’ predictions have come true, so chances are we’ll be seeing much more of Choi Beomgyu very soon!