BigHit Entertainment Unveils HueningKai, The Third Member Of New Boy Group TXT

This is the third member of their new boy group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT).

After BigHit Entertainment unveiled the first two members of their new boy group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), the clock started ticking down once again. But after an intense 72-hours, the clock has run down and the newest member has been revealed!


Say hello to HueningKai!


BigHit unveiled another introduction film for the newest member, and he’s drop dead gorgeous as the other two members that preceded him!


Nearly a week ago, BigHit first introduced the first member of the group, Yeonjun.


Then at midnight on January 14 (KST), TXT’s official website revealed the second member of the group’s lineup, Soobin.


And the unveiling of TXT continues as HueningKai joins the group as its third member! With HueningKai’s unveiling, the rumored list of TXT members have so far been correct!


Now that we’ve officially been introduced to the third member of TXT, the clock has once again started a countdown this time from 48 hours. This likely means only one thing: another member is coming soon!

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