Korean Netizens Dig Up Photos And Info On Rumored TXT Members

These fan-detectives have found out the members’ names, ages, positions and more.

Now that TXT has gone public, inquiring minds are scouring the internet for information about the group’s members. In the last 24 hours, Korean netizens have uncovered TXT’s possible lineup and have matched the rumored members’ names to the message, “You & Me”.


1. Y: (Y)eonjun

Born 1999.

Age 19-20.

Position: rapper and/or dancer.

BigHit Entertainment Unveils The First Member Of New Boy Group TXT

So far, Yeonjun is the only confirmed member of TXT. His name, photos, and teaser were all released at midnight on January 11 (KST). His position(s) have not been confirmed.


2. O: So(o)bin

Born 2000. Age 18-19. Position: leader. He is the second rumored member to have been confirmed by BigHit Entertainment as part of TXT’s lineup.


3. U: H(u)eningKai

Born 2002. Age 16-17. Positions: maknae, visual, and main vocalist. He is the third rumored member to have been confirmed as part of the lineup.

The above photo (among others) was originally believed to be of HueningKai, but it actually belongs to a user named Murat/Minsoo, who has since clarified this.


4. M: Choi Beo(m)kyu

Born 2001.

Age 17-18.

Positions: vocalist…

…and dancer.


5. E: Kang Ta(e)hyun

Born 2002.

Age 16-17.

Position: rapper.

Netizens have also found his school photos…

…this childhood photo…

…and this cute video clip!


6. BONUS: After seeing the above photos, netizen believe they may have finally identified the trainees in a photo that has been floating around the internet for some time now.

TXT's Debut

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