10 Habits TXT Have Picked Up From Their BTS Sunbaes

They’re taking after their BigHit “brothers”.

TXT just made their debut, but already fans have already spotted some unmistakable similarities between TXT’s and BTS‘s members. Here are 10 habits TXT may have learned from their sunbaes!


1. Not following what the agency says

BTS’s Jin is famous for breaking Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules, and his hoobaes are following in his footsteps. Details about the TXT members were supposed to be secret until their debut, but Taehyun accidentally revealed his position in a diary entry. Prior to debut, Beomgyu also dropped hints and spoilers through the strategic use of emojis on the TXT members’ Twitter and in his diary entries.


2. Being chaotic AF

TXT are turning out to be just as wild and playful as their BTS “brothers”!


3. Punny jokes

Like Jin, Yeonjun loves punny “dad jokes”. In his first tweet to fans, Yeonjun referenced an old Korean meme, which led fans to describe him as a “young soul with old jokes”.


4. Jin-level confidence

At TXT’s first Hi-Touch, Taehyun radiated Jin-level confidence by proudly talking about his own handsomeness and sending flying kisses to fans!


5. Sabotaging each other during games

SugaV, and Jin are all known to be huge cheaters whenever BTS play games. When TXT were playing a paper finding game on their Debut Celebration Show, Yeonjun didn’t think twice about locking Soobin out!


6. Oldest vs youngest dynamic

Some fans are calling TXT’s youngest and oldest members, HueningKai and Yeonjun, the next Jungkook and Jin because they have the same dynamic.


7. Brushing back their hair

Whenever the TXT members brush back their hair, we can’t help thinking of Jimin.

It’s his signature move!


8. Winking

Soobin is a huge Jin fan, so it’s not surprising that he’s picked up Jin’s habit of winking when he meets eyes with someone!


9. Writing down notes

BTS became known as “writing idols” because they can often be spotted taking notes during press conferences. TXT have done the same thing during their own press conferences.


10. Fashion

When the very first group photo of BTS and TXT came out on March 7, fans quickly noticed that Beomgyu, Suga, and Jin were wearing matching pants.

TXT's Debut

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