TXT’s “Hint Fairy” Beomgyu Has Been Dropping Clues About TXT’s Debut

He’s been leaking information to fans in the cutest way.

Details about TXT‘s mysterious, upcoming debut are scarce, but thankfully TXT fans can count on at least one member to give them hints.


Beomgyu has recently earned the nickname “hint fairy” for leaving subtle clues about TXT’s debut.


So far, most of Beomgyu’s hinting has been done through the strategic use of emojis on the TXT members’ Twitter and in his diary entries. In Beomgyu’s first-ever tweet to fans, posted January 23, he ended his message with a star emoji.


He used the same emoji on February 4, three days before Big Hit Entertainment revealed the name of TXT’s debut album: The Dream Chapter: STAR. 


Some fans now believe that Beomgyu is hinting at another upcoming reveal: his new hair color.


In his Valentine’s Day diary entry, Beomgyu said that he has dyed his hair a “pretty” color.

“Oh, and I put my hair together, I dyed again, but my hair was not covering my eyes while dancing, so I felt so good. TT TT  TT TT The dyed color was also very pretty.”

— Beomgyu


Beomgyu included a pink flower emoji at the end of this post, so some fans suspect that his new hair color may be pink!


Beomgyu may be TXT’s “hint fairy”, but he isn’t the only member dropping clues. For more, check out the major spoiler Taehyun leaked in his diary entry.

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