TXT’s Yeonjun Shares His Big Hit Entertainment Audition Experience

Yeonjun revealed some unexpected details about the audition.

TXT‘s oldest member, Yeonjun, has revealed some surprising details about his Big Hit Entertainment audition.


On March 5, TXT held their debut showcase at the YES24 Live Hall. There, they performed songs from their first album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, in front of fans for the first time.


During TXT’s talk with fans, TXT members shared their audition stories. Yeonjun revealed that he had auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment using one of BTS’s earliest hits. It was the first time he had ever rapped.

“I danced BTS’s ‘Boys In Luv’ for my audition. I rapped for the first time because of our agency.”

— Yeonjun


Yeonjun hadn’t rapped in the past, but he wanted to become a trainee so much that he decided to take a risk by writing his first-ever rap lyrics for the audition.

“I didn’t rap before but our agency said it’d be good for me to try. I wanted to get in so badly, so I wrote [rap lyrics] for the first time – even though they didn’t ask for me to [write my own].”

— Yeonjun


The MC said, “So you didn’t rap but got in with dance?”. In reply, Yeonjun revealed that both skills helped get into the company.

“I rapped too. I got in after rapping my own lyrics and dancing.”

— Yeonjun


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