BTS Told The TXT Members To Always Remember This Important Lesson During Their Career

It’s the key that made BTS who they are today.

TXT held their debut showcase, where they answered questions ranging from their personal stories to their relationship with their label seniors, BTS.


One of the reporters asked if BTS gave them any advice, and Beomgyu revealed that they learned a valuable lesson from their seniors when they ran into them at the company.


He recalled the time when they met BTS, and they advised the TXT members to always think of the team first. It was an important lesson that was taught to them by Bang Si Hyuk, and they wanted to pass it down to their juniors.

“They emphasized a lesson they learned from Bang Si Hyuk PD: Always remember the importance of the team.”

— Beomgyu


And it wasn’t just a one time thing. Whenever BTS runs into their juniors in the hall, they always leave a warm advice to help cheer them on!

“Every time we run into them, they tell us, ‘Always think of the team first. Become an amazing artist. We’re always looking out for you and cheering you on.’

They always give us warm advice whenever we see them. It gave me strength while I was training.”

— Beomgyu


Beomgyu also revealed that he’s a “big fan of BTS“, and “whenever [he runs] into them at the company, [his] heart flutters with nervousness, so [he] forgets how to speak.


With such a strong bond between BTS, TXT will most definitely have no problem becoming great artists like their seniors!

Source: Sports Today

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