Big Hit’s New Boy Group TXT Talks About What BTS Means To Them

They revealed how they feel about being called “BTS’ brother group”.

Big Hit Entertainment‘s new boy group, TXT, held their debut showcase at the YES24 Live Hall at 2 pm on March 5th where they shared what BTS meant to them.


They began by stating that they were extremely thankful and honored to have seniors like BTS.

They are truly sunbaenims that are so far above us. While we were recording, they said they would mention us during their award speech and they also mentioned us during the Grammy Awards. It is truly a great honor and we were touched by their sincere advice.



Soobin added that it was also an honor to be called “the brother group of BTS” and that they were ready to do their best to live up to the title.

We take it as a great honor to be called “BTS’ brother group”. We are thankful to receive this undeserved title, but on one hand, we are also very anxious and worried. But we plan to work that much harder. We will do our best not to cause any trouble for the reputation of our sunbaenims.

ㅡ Soobin


In terms of their being labeled as “silver spoon” due to the fact that they are from the same agency as BTS, Soobin reiterated that they will always work diligently and do their best.

We are still lacking in many aspects and are rookies who are unfamiliar with many things but we will always do our best.

ㅡ Soobin


Huening Kai added that they were able to learn a lot from watching BTS firsthand and expressed that they were able to debut thanks to the model BTS set for them.

It was a great opportunity for us to be able to see BTS’ qualities directly. They made a great effort to get to where they are at and I think we were able to make our debut thanks to the model they set for us.

ㅡ Huening Kai


Moreover, the members also announced that their goal for this year was to receive the Rookie of the Year award and hoped to be able to make a global debut in the future as well.

We want to receive a Rookie of the Year award. There are so many amazing new artists this year so I feel like we must work even harder.


Because we are rookies who just debuted, performing is still a big dream for us. If we receive the opportunity, we’d like to make our debut globally.

ㅡ Yeonjun


Congratulations to TXT on their successful debut!

Source: News1

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