10 Moments From TXT’s Debut Showcase That You Might Have Missed

These priceless moments mark the beginning of TXT’s career.

TXT held their debut showcase at the YES24 Live Hall on March 5, where they met their fans for the first time. Here are 10 priceless moments from the showcase that you may have missed.


1. When TXT finally met their fans in person


2. When Soobin kept dancing even when the rest of TXT had stopped


3. When HueningKai was chosen as the member who messes up TXT’s choreography the most


4. Soobin’s giggles


5. Taehyun’s “illegal” smile


6. Yeonjun’s tears of happiness


7. When they did “the wave”


8. When Yeonjun just couldn’t handle compliments


9. When Beomgyu sent out a tiny finger heart to fans


10. When Beomgyu and Yeonjun held hands

TXT's Debut